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Jessie Séguin, workshop facilitator

Herbalist therapist, manufacturer and lecturer

Jessie Séguin is an herbalist therapist and maker who has developed a great passion for medicinal plants and for everything related to natural health. Since 2012, she has studied in several herbalist schools in Quebec which allow her to teach workshops on the different methods of making natural products and their benefits. Jessie has also acquired a certificate in naturopathy and can receive you in private consultation for various health problems. Since 2016, she is the founder of the natural products company Arduinna, which offers various beauty, hygiene and therapeutic products. What is important to Jessie is to be able to open doors to a medicine that is within your reach and that allows you to become autonomous regarding your health and that of your family! 

To contact Jessie: 450-613-3353 Facebook : Arduinna jessie seguin herbalist



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