Ecological mission

Liliblanc is a member and supporter of the Quebec Zero Waste Association since 2019.

Quebec Zero Waste Association's mission is to educate and inspire citizens, governments, businesses and regional groups about the many benefits of the zero waste movement for Quebec's  environment, health and society.

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The five R's of zero waste

Source: Quebec Zero Waste Association


Saying no has a much greater impact than you can imagine! No to advertising in your letterbox, no to free samples, no to plastic bags, no to the plastic or cardboard cup, etc. These are just a few examples that may seem insignificant to you, but they can change things little by little. We only need to change our habits one by one to quickly see the positive impacts of this change.


Buying to buy? Again: no! It is important to ask ourselves questions when we decide to buy something. Do you really need it? Is it necessary? Every purchase we make involves new resource extraction, air or sea transport, not to mention the work done last. So it is important to think about what you are buying.


Why not buy products that can be reused over and over again ? Rags can do the same job as a paper towel and once used, it can be washed and reused! The same goes for cotton filter coffees, tissues, etc. With this logic, many products no longer have to be bought permanently, but just washed or refilled (like dishwashing liquid or shampoo for example).


Repair contributes to extending the life of products and thus helps to reduce resource consumption and waste production, as part of a circular economy.


When you have waste, it is important to be able to recycle the materials back into the production cycle. Learn how to do this well and remember that some products (paints, batteries, electronics, etc.) should be taken to ecocentres or collection points and not to your green bin!


Don't throw your organic waste in the garbage! Once in the landfill, it releases a lot of methane gas. Find out about composting options near you.


Plastic in our oceans


Unfortunately, every year, tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. This plastic waste poses a real threat to marine ecosystems and human health .

One step at a time towards a greener lifestyle

Using solid shampoos and bar conditioners is a simple way to reduce your plastic consumption. Also avoid single-use plastics 

In 2019 alone, 42,785 plastic bottles avoided thanks to
the use of solid shampoos and conditioners


Think about it

For a family of 4 washing their hair every other day with a shampoo bar, save up to 14 cartons of 500 ml shampoo and/or conditioner per year.500 ml bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner per year. Now imagine if all 3,500,000 households in Quebec did the same!

Local purchase 

In this period of economic uncertainty, it is essential to question our way of life and our consumption habits. The Covid-19 crisis brings us back to basics. Consume less, consume better, consume locally. Think The Blue Basket.

By buying from Quebec entrepreneurs, you are helping to maintain an economy weakened by the upheavals of the Covid-19. Distancing, anxiety, price increases of goods, so many constraining factors that disrupt our daily life as entrepreneurs and push us to be even more creative!


Boreal shampoo bar was specially designed with Quebec ingredients