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We only use highest quality raw materials and each ingredient is carefully selected for its therapeutic benefits

Each shampoo and conditioner has its own recipe, adapted for each hair type. Liliblanc shampoos are full of nourishing natural ingredients and active ingredients such as:


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An inspiring place where every Liliblanc product is handmade by a passionate team

Behind every Liliblanc product is a dedicated team. Discover Liliblanc's history, from its beginnings, its co-founders and its collaborators.



Jessie Séguin
herbalist therapist, manufacturer and lecturer.

We are very happy to welcome Jessie at Liliblanc. Jessie will be teaching workshops on the different methods of making natural products and their benefits. 

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Solid shampoo - normal hair - lavender and rosemary

Great shampoo that leaves the hair super silky! Fast delivery and thanks for the sample conditioner 🙂

Solid shampoo - oily hair - Grapefruit and Atlas Cedar

The best shampoo ever! I wouldn't do without it again

Emmanuelle - 22 September 2020

Solid conditioner - Banana & Argan

The best conditioner ever !!!!!! ❤️ Wonderful!!!!

Anne Sophie - 4 February 2020

Solid shampoo - intense hydration - argan, shea & banana

MY HAIR IS SO SOFT! I absolutely love this shampoo bar ♥️

Nimmi - 5 September 2020

Anti-Dandruff Solid Shampoo - Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree

After trying over 10 different brands, liliblanc is definitely the best shampoo I've used

Laurie - 28 July 2020