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When it comes to choosing corporate gifts for your employees or clients, you want to offer something unique, rewarding and eco-friendly. This is why Liliblanc is the ideal solution to meet these criteria and much more.

Liliblanc stands out by designing and manufacturing high-end, 100% natural and zero waste cosmetics. We are proud to offer products that respect the environment, while providing a wellness experience and promoting healthy lifestyles.

By choosing Liliblanc for your corporate gifts, you show your commitment to sustainability and your concern for preserving our planet. You invest in the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees and customers.

Customizable compostable lip balms

  • Your brand image

    Offer our eco-responsible lip balm as a promotional item and show your commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Customize the packaging with your logo or other branding elements so that it is in perfect harmony with your brand image.

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  • Fundraising event or campaign

    It is possible to create custom-made compostable lip balms for a fundraising campaign, a convention, a sporting or corporate event or for your employees. An effective way to promote your business while supporting sustainability and environmental protection

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  • 100% natural ingredients

    Made with 100% natural ingredients, our eco-responsible lip balm takes care of your lips while respecting our beautiful planet.

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  • Graphics included

    Nadia, senior graphic designer for more than 25 years, can assist you in developing your design.

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  • A local production

    Meticulously handmade in our workshop in Saint-Jérôme.

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