Pourquoi choisir un shampoing en barre plutôt qu'en bouteille?

Why choose a bar shampoo instead of a bottle?

Using a shampoo bar is an innovative way to clean your hair, without using a plastic bottle. Bar shampoo has the same functionality as liquid shampoo, but is more eco-friendly: durable, biodegradable and easy to use – you can take it with you on the go! Our solid shampoos contain natural ingredients that have many benefits for all hair types. They leave behind no bottles or packaging. Here are a few reasons to swap your bottled shampoo for a bar shampoo.

An ecological shampoo

Do you want to do your part for the environment and reduce your waste in the bathroom? Start by trying a shampoo bar, it's a great way to take a step closer to a zero waste lifestyle. Since its inception, Liliblanc has avoided the use of more than 100,000 plastic bottles!

We use Sodium cocoyl isethionate, a very mild biodegradable surfactant, derived from coconut oil, which provides a soft, rich and non-irritating lather. Shampoo bars are also more concentrated than shampoo bottles. Solid shampoos take up less space because they don't contain water. They represent a more ecological option than liquid shampoos, since they reduce the volume of products to be transported. As bar shampoos replace bottled shampoos, the number of trucks on the road is decreasing!

A shampoo for every hair type

Bar shampoos are ideal for all hair types, even those that are colored or sensitive. The shampoo bar is perfect for fine hair, as well as curly or coarse hair that needs lots of moisture. Our shampoo range contains more than 10 types of formulations. They are all designed specifically for one type of hair. For example, Liliblanc Grapefruit and Atlas Cedar shampoo deeply cleans oily hair. It contains natural ingredients that regulate sebum production, such as nettle and jojoba oil.

An economical way to wash your hair

A 100g bar shampoo lasts 80 to 100 uses. Eh yes! It's the equivalent of a liter of liquid shampoo! To get the same value for money from a Liliblanc shampoo, you can easily shell out over $50 for a liter of shampoo in the salon. Our 100g shampoo bars will cost you around half the price. You only need one shampoo bar instead of multiple bottles taking up space in your bathroom.

Liliblanc shampoos are 100% natural and of exceptional quality. Our top-of-the-range formulation uses the best active ingredients in natural cosmetics, such as phytokeratin, proteins, provitamin B5, collagen and ceramides, all of vegetable origin. To pamper your natural hair, choose Liliblanc!

The best shampoo for on the go

The bar shampoo is a valuable ally when travelling. You can easily slip it into your toiletry bag, without fear of it tipping over. If you are traveling only with cabin baggage, you will not have to worry about the limitations of liquid products that can be taken on the plane.

Are you going camping or traveling with your backpack? The bar shampoo is a good way to travel light!

How to use a bar shampoo?

Bar shampoos are easy to use. Simply rub the bar into wet hair, then massage into your scalp, similar to liquid shampoo. Would you like to try a bar shampoo? You will find on our online store a trio of samples of Liliblanc solid shampoos and conditioners . You will be able to try several types of solid shampoos before buying a larger format. Are you ready and ready to take a step towards an ecological lifestyle?