Pourquoi les shampoings en barre Liliblanc ne sont-ils pas de couleurs vives ou très parfumés ?

Why aren't Liliblanc shampoo bars brightly colored or very fragrant?

Liliblanc is a line of natural skincare products that are made entirely from high quality ingredients. We carefully select them above all for their properties. They are not colorful or very fragrant, because they don't need to be! Liliblanc is synonymous with purity and simplicity.

100% natural ingredients

We have decided to avoid adding artificial colors in our shampoos. The earthy, tan, or green hue you see is the result of the base ingredients: plant oils, roots, and clays. That's why none of our products are white or very brightly colored. Each ingredient has natural colors that give it its own unique shade!

We know how important it is to be able to count on ingredients that really suit your hair type. We therefore favor the practical aspect of shampoos rather than aesthetics. You can trust our shampoos! They work wonders for calming dandruff or ridding the scalp of excess oil. All with 100% natural ingredients!

Smells that come from nature

Our shampoos are fragrance free because we don't need to mask odors. They come directly from the natural ingredients used. This is why the products are not very fragrant.

If you think natural shampoos have a banal smell, think again! Our shampoos have pleasant scents of boreal forest , lavender , chamomile …We even have fruity scents! For example, the Grapefruit and Atlas Cedar shampoo contains grapefruit essential oil, with toning, purifying and astringent properties. It deeply cleans hair that tends to get greasy quickly.

We add essential oils to our shampoos primarily for their benefits on the hair and scalp. For example, the tea tree oil in our Dandruff Control shampoo bar helps relieve itching. It has been combined with lavender and peppermint essential oils. The latter adds a refreshing touch to the shampoo.

Shampoos that are good for the planet and good for you

Our ingredients have all been carefully selected from nature's abundant resources, with an eco-friendly and zero-waste approach in mind. This is what sets us apart from big brands, who add artificial scents or bright colors to their products. Besides containing only natural ingredients, they leave no shampoo bottle behind after use.

Our products are never tested on animals. They do not contain any harmful additives like parabens, sulfates (SLS) and silicones. They are therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin. Did you know that our Sweet Coconut & Honey shampoo is gentle enough to be used by your children?

By using Liliblanc solid shampoos, you opt for ingredients close to nature. They are chosen carefully for their benefits rather than for aesthetics or economics. It's a winning choice for you, but also for the planet! Discover our full range of bar shampoos here .