Liliblanc sincerely believes that nature provides the essentials of a natural, high quality, simple and effective routine.

Handmade cosmetics with love

Discover our collection of cosmetics handmade with love, specially designed to offer you a unique experience. Behind every Liliblanc product is a dedicated and passionate team. All products are made at our boutique workshop in Saint-Jérôme.

By choosing Liliblanc products, you are supporting an artisanal and family business.

Premium quality natural ingredients.

We use top quality materials, and each ingredient is carefully chosen for its therapeutic benefits.

Each shampoo and conditioner has its own recipe, suitable for each hair type. Liliblanc products are full of nourishing natural ingredients and active ingredients.

Sylvie and Nadia Godbout, two co-founding sisters passionate about natural care and sensitive to the environmental cause.

Their shared love for nature pushed them to create a range of beauty products in harmony with the planet.


Zenith Gala 2020 and 2022

New business

Sustainable development

Liliblanc was a finalist twice at the Zénith Gala organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Jérôme Métropolitain

One step at a time towards a greener way of life

Unfortunately, every year, tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. This plastic waste poses a real threat to marine ecosystems and human health. Using shampoo bars and conditioner bars is a simple way to reduce your plastic consumption .

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