Bar shampoo - Nettle and marshmallow

This simple recipe is perfect to get you started on how to make a shampoo bar.

  • Materials needed

    small kitchen scale

    Small saucepan (for bain-marie)

    Small stainless steel bowl (for bain-marie)

    Small stainless steel bowl (to weigh materials)


    silicone mold


  • Ingrédients

    72g SCI

    16 g Water (or hydrosol of your choice)

    8 g Apple cider vinegar

    23g coconut oil

    14 g Nettle powder

    14 g Marshmallow powder

    10 g White clay

    3 g essential oil of your choice


Preparation of the water bath

  1. Put water in the bottom of the pan
  2. Place the stainless steel bowl on the bain-marie
  3. Open the stove to medium heat

ICS preparation

  1. Put on a mask (SCI is a very volatile and irritating material for the respiratory tract)
  2. Weigh the SCI in a small bowl and add it to the bottom of the water bath.
  3. Weigh the water and the vinegar. Add to water bath SCI
  4. Once the water, vinegar and SCI are well mixed, you can remove your mask
  5. Let the mixture warm for 3 to 5 minutes until the texture is creamy.


  1. Weigh the coconut oil. Add to mixture.
  2. Weigh the plants. Add to mixture.
  3. Weigh the essential oil (optional). Add to mixture.
  4. Mix well


  1. Using a small spoon, put the mixture into a silicone mold
  2. Wait 1 hour before unmolding

Use the shampoo after 24 to 48 hours of drying in the ambient air.