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Vegetable coloring - Ebony Black

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Indigo warmed by henna from Rajasthan makes it possible to obtain a coloring treatment, 100% natural and organic, which adorns the hair with an intense and deep ebony color that is particularly covering. Combination of eight plants with coloring and fortifying properties, this vegetable coloring colors all the hair with a sublime natural and luminous black. Ideal for darkening blond to dark brown hair, for creating a tone on tone on brown hair or for covering white hair in a single application! Real care, the ebony black henna vegetable coloring brings volume, softness and shine to your hair.


This natural hair color colors blonde to dark brown hair with an intense and deep shade, it warms up and creates a tone on tone on brown hair, and colors white hair in a single application.

Real care, Ebony Black Henna protects, strengthens and sheaths the hair and restores all its health and vitality. The hair is soft, shiny, supple and thicker.

This vegetable coloring can be used on chemically colored hair , the exposure time will then be shorter (1h30).

If you have blond hair or more than 30% white hair , it is best to color in 2 steps: start with an application of brown henna.

Properties of active ingredients

This vegetable coloring is a combination of eight plants (hennas and Ayurvedic powders) including:

Indigo: darkens hair and neutralizes red highlights
Red Henna (Lawsonia inermis): rich in lawsone for a more intense and lasting result
Jujube from Palestine: brings shine and volume, and slows the disgorgement of color over washes
Amla: facilitates the taking of the color


Indigofera tinctoria Leaf Powder*, Emblica officinalis Fruit Powder*, Lawsonia inermis Leaf Extract*, Ziziphus spina-Christi Leaf*, Eucalyptus globulus Leaf Powder*, Aloe barbadensis Leaf Powder*, Curcuma longa Root Powder*, Matricaria chamomilla Flower Powder*


Depending on the length of your hair, pour the number of sachets needed into a bowl.
Gradually pour lukewarm water
Immediately apply the paste to your hair following the tips below:

• Comb clean, dry hair then divide into 2 sections;
• Apply the paste strand by strand;
• Continue with the top of the head;
• Massage;
• Clean around your face and your ears, then wrap your hair with the charlotte;
• Leave on for 1h30 to 3h;
• Rinse thoroughly.

Tips & advice:
• Apply your henna in a thick layer for a rich and deep color;
• After applying the paste, wrap the hair with the charlotte provided to keep the heat and for more comfort. The henna paste must remain wet throughout the pose;
• To close the scales of the hair, use an acid rinsing water or vinegar, which will bring shine and softness to your hair.

    Vegetable coloring - Ebony Black
    Vegetable coloring - Ebony Black
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