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Conditioner - Dry and damaged hair - Banana and argan

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This conditioner bar for very dry, frizzy or damaged hair is made with argan butter and banana powder with rich and hydrating properties. Banana & argan conditioner softens and hydrates the ends of very dry or frizzy hair. It detangles hair, making it soft, silky and shiny. It does not leave hair heavy or greasy.

Our Banana and Argan conditioner is enriched with natural and high-performance active ingredients such as panthenol, phytokeratin and rice proteins for radiant hair.

Premium plant-based formula
Gentle on coloring
100% natural - Vegan - Zero plastic

Properties of active ingredients

Banana: moisturizing, softening and nourishing
Argan butter: fortifying, nourishing and gives radiance
Provitamin B5: hair fortifier, contributes to hair growth, makes it stronger and shinier;
Phytokeratin: powerful moisturizer, forms a protective barrier that helps retain moisture.
Rice protein: provides strength and volume


Argania Spinosa kernel oil (and) Hydrogenated Argania Spinosa kernel oil, Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, Cocos Nucifera oil*, Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Musa Paradisiaca (Banana) fruit, Argania Spinosa oil*, Coco-caprylate, Lactic acid, Hydrogenated Castor oil, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Citric acid, Hydrolyzed rice protein, Organic vegetable oil & organic fragrances*, Panthenol, Tocopherol, Prunus Armeniaca oil, Bacopa Monnieri extract. | * biological


After shampooing, pass the solid conditioner under hot water. Take the time to massage the bar to melt it a little. Apply the bar directly to the tips of wet hair with a trickle of warm water. Leave to act and rinse well. The conditioner does not lather, but you will feel its fantastic detangling effect upon rinsing.

It is important to let the conditioner dry completely between uses and not to store it in a container.

Additional information

Weight: 40g
Dimensions: 4.8 cm in diameter x 2.4 cm thick
Duration of use: 40 to 60 uses, depending on hair length.

Ingredients in English: Argan butter, Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, coconut oil*, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, banana powder, argan oil*, coco-caprylate, lactic acid, castor wax, phytokeratin, citric acid, proteins of rice, natural essence*, provitamin B5, vitamin E, bitter almond essential oil, brahmi powder. | * biological

    Conditioner - Dry and damaged hair - Banana and argan
    Conditioner - Dry and damaged hair - Banana and argan
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